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As part of this service, you will receive one email account. You may use your email account online via our "Web Based" email interface which is accessible from your Web Administration screens. Using the "Web Based" email interface means that you will have to go online, login with your email address and password, and manage your email on the Web. You may also manage your MyArbonne Email account using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, if you have one of these programs on your computer. Below is the configuration information you will need when setting up Microsoft Outlook to manage your MyArbonne Email account.

As part of the sign up process for this service, you would have selected the prefix for your email address. For example, if you selected the prefix "janetsmith", your email address will be . If you selected the prefix "donna21", your email address will be .

Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Other Email Management Software Configuration

You should be able to configure your Microsoft Outlook or other 3rd party email program to send and receive from your email account using the information in the attached PDF document. Click on the link below to view or download the email configuration document.

MyArbonne Email Configuration Document


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