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As part of this service you are provided with a template based Web Site that contains 3 Web pages which you can edit using a simple interface. Your Web Site will have a total of 12 pre-defined active links, 3 of which you can name yourself, as they will be the ones that allow users to navigate to your "customized" web pages. The remaining 9 links are predefined and will take users to the following:

1) Arbonne's Online Shopping System - This link allows users to shop on the Arbonne online shopping system through your Web Site, while maintaining your Web Sites "frame" to give the appearance that they are actually shopping on your personal Web Site. For more information on this process or the Arbonne Online Shopping system, please refer to the "Help Page" titled "Arbonne Online Shopping System".

2) Arbonne's Internet Specials - This link will take users to the Arbonne Internet Specials page on the Arbonne Web Site, once again maintaining your Web Sites "frame" to give the appearance that they are actually viewing these specials on your personal Web Site. Users will be able to order any of the Internet specials, as they will automatically be pushed in to the Arbonne Online Shopping system from within your Web Site "frame".

3) Guest Book - This link is used to entice new visitors to your Web Site to "Sign Your Guest Book" in hopes of receiving more information, special invitation, or free product from you based on information you place in the Web Site. The Guest Book serves as a lead collection system that allows you to collect and store contact information from visitors who may be potential clients or future consultants. When they click on the "Guest Book" link, they will be taken to a simple form that they would fill out online. This data is stored and accessible only by you with your user name and password. The feature is also tied to your "Email Marketing Tool" which allows you to send mass emails to you Guest Book list. To read more about this topic please refer to the related "Help Page".

4) Become An Arbonne Independent Consultant Today - Upon clicking on this link, a user will be taken directly to the Arbonne Online Consultant Application allowing them to register online as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. By having the user register online through your Web Site, you will automatically be the sponsoring consultant for this new registrant. Your consultant ID and their new consultant ID will be tied together showing you as the sponsor and they will be in your direct downline. As part of the online registration process, new recruits can also place their first order all at the same time as part of the same process. Having a new recruit register online is the fastest and most efficient way to get them into the system. Usually they will receive an email confirmation with their Consultant ID and PIN within half and hour of completing the online registration process. For more information on the Online Consultant Application, see the "Help Page" titled "Arbonne Online Consultant Application".

5) To Learn More - This link provides more information about becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant, including all the benefits and discounts a new Consultant would enjoy.

6) Arbonne = REsults Presentation - This link takes the user to the Arbonne = Results Presentation, a multimedia presentation about Arbonne, the network marketing industry, and Arbonne’s opportunity, products, and people, provided by Arbonne's Marketing Department.

7) Opportunity Presentation - This link takes the user to the Arbonne Opportunity Presentation, a multimedia presentation about Arbonne, the network marketing industry, and Arbonne’s opportunity, products, and people, provided by Arbonne's Marketing Department.

8) Contact Me By Email - This link takes the user to an online form that will allow them to send you a message by email just by filling out the form and submitting it.

Below is a list of the most common questions and answers as they related to your Web Site.


Where do I go to edit my Web Site pages?

Go to and click on the "Login" link in the top right hand corner of the Web page. You will be taken to a login screen. Enter your user ID and password. This will take you to your account administration "Main Menu" page. If you look in the center of the page under "Customize My Web Pages", you will see the title of each of your customizable Web pages. Below each page title is a link title "Edit This Page". Click one of links for the page you would like to edit.

How and what can I edit on my 3 customizable Web pages?

By logging into your account administration page using your user name and password, you will be able to go to three individual forms that will allow you to add or edit text for each of your customizable pages. The MyArbonne system offers two Web Page editors, “The Basic Editor” and “The Advanced Editor.

With the “Basic Editor”, you will have a simple interface that will allow you to add and edit text for a main header, a sub-header, main body text, and additional links you may want to place in the body of your Web page. You will also be able to add one image to each of your customizable Web pages by uploading them from your computer using the same form which you will edit your text with.

With the “Advanced Editor, you will have advanced editing and formatting features which will allow you to layout text and images however you like, similar to using a word processor. You can enter your own text and place as many images and links as you need on each of your customizable pages. You can upload up to ten of your own images to your personal image library and you can select from hundreds of Arbonne images from the Arbonne image library. Also available to you are ten “pre-built” web pages which have content that was created by Arbonne. With two clicks of your mouse, you can quickly insert one of these “pre-built” web pages into each of your customizable web site pages.

Why can't I do any formatting on text that I add to my Web Pages?

If this is the case then you must be using the “Basic Editor” which does not support formatting. You can do formatting with our “Advanced Editor” by using the formatting toolbar that appears above the content area in your edit screen. To upgrade to the “Advanced Editor”, log in to your Web Administration screen. Once logged in, you will see a banner graphic on the right hand side of the screen that says “New Advanced Web Editor”. Click on this banner and follow the onscreen prompts to upgrade to the “Advanced Editor”.

I am having problems with placing an image on my Web Site?

Please go to the "Uploading Images" Help Page for more information and troubleshooting regarding this topic.

When I type in my Web Site address my Web Site does not show up?

This could be due to several issues. Make sure you are typing your Web Site address correctly. Many people accidentally use the "@" symbol when entering their web address into the web browser. This is incorrect because web addresses do not contain the "@" symbol in them. Also, make sure you are typing the web address in the address bar near the top of your web browser and not in the "Search" field of a search engine. Occasionally systems may be temporarily down, your Internet connection may have a temporary problem, or there may be problems or traffic on the Internet. Try again a few more times after 10 or 15 minute intervals. If you cannot reach your Web Site after a prolonged period of time (hours), please contact customer service using the online contact us form.

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