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Here's What You Get & More !

Personal Email Account - or or any prefix you like

Online Web Mail - Check your email from any browser

POP3 & IMAP Services - Configure your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer to manage your email

Contacts Address Book - Store your contacts and create groups to send group emails

Calendars- Create multiple personal calendars

Unlimited Mail Storage - Keep your email, your inbox will not get full (Unlike Gmail, Hotmail, etc. who have limits)

Unlimited Outbound Emails - Send as many emails as you need per day (Unlike Gmail, Hotmail, etc who have limits)

Spell Checker - Check and correct those spelling mistakes before you send out an email.

Auto Responder - Set your Auto Responder to automatically reply to inbound emails

Forwarding - Forward incoming emails to another email address while keeping a copy in your inbox

Folder Management - Create as many folders as you need to organize and store emails from different people

Custom Rules - Create custom rules for inbound emails and how they will be handled and stored

SPAM & Virus Filtering - Our systems block emails with attached viruses and minimize incoming SPAM

Task Lists - Create task lists with due dates, reminder alerts, and status setting

Notes - Enter unlimited free form notes

RSS Feeds Viewer - Subscribe to any RSS information feeds on the Web and read them within your Web mail account

Customer Support - We're here to answer your questions and assist with email management / device configuration.


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